Tour the Course

Hole 1
Length 370
 Par 4
Handicap 7
How To Play Hole
Tee shot needs to be accurate but not long. There is trouble on both sides of fairway. Short to mid iron approach shot will be required to slightly elevated but flat green
Hole 2
Length 375
Par 4
Handicap 13
How To Play Hole Uphill all the way. Out-of-bounds on the left. Hill on right of fairway. Mid to short iron approach uphill to green sloped from back to front.
Hole 3
Length 325
Par 4
Handicap 15
How To Play Hole Short Par 4 with trouble everywhere. High weeds on right and left. Fairway bunker on left. Small grren slopes sharply from front to back.
Hole 4
Length 187
Par 3
Handicap 1
How To Play Hole Hardest Par on course. Long Par 3 uphill entire way to a big green with bunkers right and left.
Hole 5
Length 363
Par 4
Handicap 11
How To Play Hole Sharp dogleg left with out-of-bounds on left. Short iron approach to small flat green with large bunker in front.
Hole 6
Length 476
Par 5
Handicap 5
How To Play Hole Blind tee shot leaves a downhill second shot to thin approach area short of a large two-tiered green. Out-of-bounds on the left.
Hole 7
Length 405
Par 4
Handicap 3
How To Play Hole Long uphill Par 4 coming out of a chute off the tee. Fairway bunker on left. Long approach to green surrounded by hills and sand.
Hole 8
Length 166
Par 3
Handicap 9
How To Play Hole Down hill Par 3 that can fool you. The green is angled right and slopes from front to back. Bunker guards the left side and a miss to the left will leave you with a tricky and fast chip.
Hole 9
Length 357
Par 4
Handicap 17
How To Play Hole Dogleg left Par 4. Short tee shot leaves short iron over wetlands to slightly elevated green with deep bunkers on each side.
Hole 10
Length 410
Par 4
Handicap 2
How To Play Hole Straight away Par 4 slightly uphill with a large fairway bunker on the right at about 230-100% yards. Green slopes from back to front.
Hole 11
Length 115
Par 3
Handicap 18
How To Play Hole Fairly easy Par 3 with bunkers on either side of the green. Green slopes from back to front.
Hole 12
Length 145
Par 3
Handicap 14
How To Play Hole Use 6 or 7 Iron. Stay away from left and bunker on the right and watch the wind. Bunker leaves you with a tough shot to the green
Hole 13
Length 474
Par 5
Handicap 4
How To Play Hole Straight-away Par 5 with out-of-bounds on both the right and left. Two good shots leaves a short pitch.
Hole 14
Length 463
Par 5
Handicap 10
How To Play Hole All in the drive. A good tee shot allows a shot over a large lake to reach Par 5 green in two. Too short a drive means laying up. Very wide but very shallow green can lead to 3 putts.
Hole 15
Length 315
Par 4
Handicap 12
How To Play Hole Short Par 4 with second shot going uphill over a huge bunker. Easy Par.
Hole 16
Length 332
Par 4
Handicap 16
How To Play Hole A par 4 with a second shot going very steeply uphill. It is hard to judge the right distance
Hole 17
Length 385
Par 4
Handicap 6
How To Play Hole Long Par 4 with out-of-bounds on left. Sloping fairway means an awkward stance for second shot.
Hole 18
Length 160
Par 3
Handicap 8
How To Play Hole Beautifully scenic Par 3 finishing hole. Mid iron over lake to well bunkered green. Mound in middle of green splits the putting surface in half.